Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Teen Mom 2-- Another Week!

Yep. I'm here for my weekly 'Teen Mom 2' update.

I'm addicted. As one of my friends put it last week... most of these shows are like car accidents. You really don't WANT to look, but you HAVE to look. I fell asleep early last night, but DVRed the show. At 5AM, I found myself wide awake with a tummy ache, so of course... I turned it on. I need something to distract me from the terrible pain I felt. The sad thing was-- once I turned it on.. it was on. I was so tired and feeling better, yet I opened my eyes with toothpicks and continued on. How could you stop? It was intense.

Leah: First of all, this couple absolutely breaks my heart. I got teary-eyed watching Aleeah 'walk' to her Mommy as Ali just sat there. As a Mommy, that just gets to you. I can't imagine watching my sweet baby girl that I brought into the world struggle... and us, have no idea why it is happening. I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone. However, it was nice to see Corey and Leah actually getting along last night. The hard times are when you need each other the most. I hope they continue to remember that.

Chelsea: Oh, Chelsea. She hurt her ACL and Adam is back for round 3,423. I might be off a bit on my counting, but seriously? I'm not going to post about how I can't believe she's back with him because I understand how it is to love someone. My husband and I had a rough patch at first and I stuck by his side when everyone in the world told me to leave him. It'd be the pot calling the kettle black if I sat here and criticized her decisions. It just breaks my heart for her because she seems like such a sweet individual and for him to just keep coming back into her life BECAUSE HE KNOWS HE CAN is ridiculous. He knows he has her right where he wants her... I just wish for once he'd treat her with the respect she deserves. She's the mother of his child for crying out loud.

Kailyn: I'm proud of that girl. If my mom's boyfriend (she doesn't have one, fyi haha) wrote me a terrible letter.. I would have let both her AND him have it. But she kept her mouth shut and did what she knew was best. I'm so happy she is getting her own place and it was SO kind of that non-profit organization to help her. I wish I had the funds to help individuals like that! I hope she continues to do as great as she is! It's amazing to see ZERO drama in Kailyn's life for once. I'm sure that's a relief to here!

Jenelle: Do I even need to continue writing about her? Drop that terrible excuse of a man and be a mother. I think that pretty much sums it up. If he's doing crap you don't like (such as becoming an alcoholic..) why waste your time with him? I don't care if I LOVED the man or not. If he's doing actions that could cause me, himself, or other people... let him go. Either he'll man up or he won't. But that's his decision. I wish she would just grow up..

So there you have it! I'm already anxious for next week :) What are your thoughts about this past week's episode??



I want to take Chelsea by the shoulders and shake her HARD. Sometimes? Jerkface boyfriends that do nothing but hurt you? Don't ever stop. I stuck with my ex for FOUR YEARS ... and you know what happened? I ended up meeting the man I was supposed to marry. The kind of man that made me realize how STUPID I was being for continuing to carry a torch for someone that doesn't deserve it.

However: I'll say this much... you don't forget your first love. I think Chelsea just needs a push in the right direction. She'll never have Adam completely out of her life; but she deserves someone to treat her right.