Thursday, December 15, 2011

X-Factor... The Semi-Finals!

I know, I know. I had Josh pegged as the winner, but after last night, I am seriously not sure. Melanie Amaro TORE IT UP (as usual..) and Chris Rene won me over with his sincerity. America loves him. After sitting with my husband last night discussing the singing and what he thought about who was getting off, we decided that America loves Chris Rene because he is REAL. He has went through turmoil. He has went through one of the hardest things someone can face: addiction. He lost his father to cancer. All of the things he has battled hits home with a great deal of people in this country. He connects. And as Paula put it last night: He is real. He doesn't get on the stage trying to be ANYONE but himself. After last night, I will say that my whole outlook changed. I think Chris Rene is taking this home with him. 

I love Melanie and I think she has a very strong voice, but she confused me last night. Did anyone else think she seemed really 'off' during "Hero?" She seemed like she could care less after that performance which was weird from her normal power-house mentality she has after a song (like after singing "It's a New Dawn.." That's the Melanie we all know and love.) I wasn't sure what was going on after Mariah Carey's "Hero"....

Marcus did great as usual, but I'm going to be honest. I think he's been the underdog for far too long... I think he's going home tonight.

Which will then leave Melanie, Chris, and Josh (who I thought gave a VERY honest performance last night with "Hallelujah.") I will be honest... I was dreading it at first. For as long as I've watched reality singing competitions, someone has ALWAYS done this song. It gets old for me, but I LOVED Josh's performance of it. Beautiful and honest.

So, there are my predictions. As I always say... they're always wrong, so don't go bet on them, haha! What are your thoughts??