Friday, December 16, 2011

Tayler's Christmas Pictures

It's nap time in the Bay house, so I thought I'd sneak a blog in right quick! :)
First of all-- I was finally right for once concerning X-Factor! Marcus went home. I'm not hatin' on him. He's amazing and has incredible talent. I just knew that he'd been *lucky* for far too long. The end of the road had come. If y'all remember correctly, his mom told him this was it. If he didn't make it this time, he had to go to school and get a job and do all of that fun stuff we all know and love, haha! Well, I think it's safe to say that Marcus has arrived. He might not have won X-Factor, but there's no doubt in my mind that someone will give him a record deal. And yes, I will purchase that album! That boy can SING, y'all! :)

And on to other news...

We got our Christmas pictures of Tayler back from our photographer "Jessica Barber Photography" (an AMAZING woman... if you're in the area, check her out on Facebook!) Anyways... I had to share a couple with you bloggers because, well, I just think my kiddo is too cute! Hope you all enjoy!

Doesn't she melt your heart? *sigh* You can see her teeth in the bottom one.. and gah, I LOVE the top one. I can't wait to get it blown up so it can be above our couch in our living room. She's our princess :)

Did any of you mommies out there get your babies pictures taken for the holidays?