Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hawaiian Chicken!

I'm TOTALLY addicted to Pinterest. (Wait, have we established that already?) And with that comes TONS of recipes! I LOVE cooking... like so much I seriously want to own my own restaurant one day... so I thought I would try out a new chicken recipe I found on there.

I'm going to be honest-- meat is a big part of our dinner EVERY night. We love us some chicken, pork, hamburger, steak.. you name it, we eat it. So, when I came across all of these chicken recipes, I got a tad bit excited!

If you have pinterest you can check out the recipe here.

And I'm not too sure how pinterest works if you are not a loyal (trust me, if you are active on pinterest, you are quite loyal to it, haha) follower. If you can't click on the picture or see it for that matter, the recipe is:

Hawaiian Crockpot Chicken: 4-6 chicken breasts, hawaiian style BBQ sauce, and a can of crushed pineapple all throw in for 6 hours on low. Can't get much easier or delicious than that! 

Oh, I bet you're SUPER excited now that you see it's a crock pot recipe, right? Yeah, I was too! It's sooooo simple! You throw three ingredients in and let it sit. Dude, what could be more awesome! I even threw some green peppers in just to give it a little more flavor!

And it was a SUCCESS. My mom even came over for dinner and she loved it! I made some fried rice with it (recipe here) and I got five stars from everyone, which always makes me happy!

If you're making your grocery list for the week, go ahead and add those ingredients to it! You will not be sorry! Happy cooking!