Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Boob Tube Talk!

I am FINALLY catching up on my TV shows! :) 

Once Upon a Time... yes, one of my new addictions and last night's episode was incredible. It is so weird because Ethan and I were just sitting here chit-chatting about Rumplestilskin's past and lo and behold.. we found out about it tonight. Rather interesting to see what humble man he was at one point in time.. and who he is now! Anybody think he still has the dagger? and perhaps Emma Swan will come upon it? I'm not sure! But I do know he's her enemy now. I still wasn't really sure why she threw herself under the bus at the debate. She didn't tell him to light the fire, you know? But oh well, she won! What did you all think of Sunday nights episode??

As for Teen Mom.

Jennelle drives me UP THE WALL. I literally want to stop watching because she makes me so mad. "I'm so sad because Kieffer won't talk to me." GOOD. What the heck has he done to make you cry for him? Goooood lord! I just want to smack her!

Chelsea-- I know what it is to want to keep your family together, but SERIOUSLY. He is a DOUCHE to you. Drop that sorry excuse for a man and find someone that will love you and Aubree like you deserve it.  Gah. Adam makes me so mad. Help your girlfriend move. Screw being tired. That's what NAPS are for.

As for Kail. I think she did the right thing by getting child support, BUT I think she could have went about it a bit better. Jo is tempered, so I think she should have discussed it with him and not just left him a message saying, "I filed for child support, so bye!" I mean, I know she needs it (poor thing and her whole car situation) and I know she doesn't have any one to count on really, but I think she went about it the wrong way. Especially when she was trying to reconcile with Janet. I'm sure that didn't help.

I'm so happy that Ali is good! It is good to hear that there is hope for her to walk and all of that! I am so happy for that little family even though I know they don't last (Leah and Corey I mean...)

What did you think of the two episodes last night??

And Pretty Little Liars.

I knew Lucas was going to end up being tied to things, but jeesh-- talk about a creeper last night. And seriously-- I know Hannah was the one that hit him with the car, but why was he trying to kill her? He had to know that all of the girls were on it, so why single out one of them? That doesn't make sense. And is he really "A" or is he just a puppet in that person's hand?

What do you guys think?