Monday, April 30, 2012

Project 366: Day 73 [April 29th]

Good morning everyone! :)

I thought I would first start out reminding all of you of the giveaway that is taking place. On Friday, I will be writing my 1000th blog. That is a huge deal for me, so I thought I'd do a blog giveaway in honor of that! Click the link and follow the instructions to enter! :)

And now for the Project 366 for today:

Lets do the April Photo Challenge first. We're almost done!

and the task for today was: 'Circle.'

I did this in honor of my dad. I spent a lot of time with him yesterday.. and when I saw the word 'circle' it reminded me of this game he used to always play! He tried to get everyone to look at this circle his fingers made, LOL! I don't understand it, but that's my dad, haha! :)

I woke up this morning and Ethan and I decided to catch up on 'Southern Nights' that we missed Saturday evening. Does anyone else watch this show? I LOVE it. I hope it continues on! :) It's kind of like a country Jersey Shore, but it's awesome!

I just wish Devin would quit beating around the bush and finally make a commitment to Collin. Sheeeesh!


We got ready and I headed out to my photo sessions! I had 2 that were going to make it today.. and boy, was it gorgeous out!

Isn't that such a pretty spot for pictures? I just love it! :)

We had such a great day with two wonderful families!

After that, my mom came to pick Tayler up. She asked if she could take her for the evening, so we said sure! :) Ethan had a softball game and I never get to sit for the entire two games, so I was kind of excited, haha! Our first hour of being baby free... 

We went to our favorite mexican restaurant! :) First time we've been there alone since Tayler was born, haha! :) We had such a good time.. and ate entirely too much! I got 2 tacos and rice with queso sauce. It was amazing! And of course-- my favorite... chips and salsa. I don't think I breathed before it was gone, haha!

After that, we went out to the softball fields. I grew up here.. and it's so ironic, that after years of watching my dad and brother play ball here... I'm now watching my husband and other brother play ball here :)

It was suuuuch a nice night for softball! It was a little chilly, but seriously-- gorgeous! :) I had such a good time rooting for them! Love my hubby! :)

We left the ball field around 8PM and headed over to my parent's house to pick my sweet Tayler up! She was cranky when we got there, haha... we knew it was almost her bed time! But she played with her daddy for a little bit before we left!

She is seriously something else!

Thanks Mom and Dad for watching Tayler so we could have some alone time!!

Hope everyone had a fabulous day!

Cheers to Project 366!

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