Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Project 366: Day 74 [April 30th]

Good morning everyone! :)

First, I just wanted to tell you all that there is a blog giveaway going on. On Friday, I will be writing my 1000th blog. A huge deal for me!! :) And of course, I wanted to celebrate! Check it out.. and celebrate with me on Friday! Please spread the word about it as well! Thank you!!

and now..

for the LAST DAY of our April Photo Challenge! Crazy, right? :)

Today's task was: 'Something that Makes You Sad'

Noo. My daughter doesn't make me sad... it's the fact that she's SO big that does :( Today marked Tayler being 13 months old. Is that insane or what??? I know I talk about it all the time... how fast time is going.. but honestly guys... it is! Days sometimes seem like they drag but the 13 months she has been alive are just flying! She was getting ready to take a nap here :) 

I had a lot to do today which kind of sucked considering it was SO gorgeous out! I had to do laundry from the weekend, dishes, check Ethan's homework he had to submit today, and edit pictures. Once I got all of that done and laid the kiddos down for a nap, I made 'stir fry' for Ethan and myself :) I don't know if you'd even call it 'stir-fry' haha but that's what we call it around here! I use Jamabalya rice to make it spicier, chicken, green peppers, and onions! Pretty tasty!

And after that, we took the kiddos out outside. I am telling you-- it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL out today!

You know me, I had to take my camera out with me, haha! I took the above picture on Instagram, but then I whipped my other camera out and got some pictures of Kenton and Tayler :) Here's one I LOVED of Tayler:

She was having so much fun, hehe! I just adore her!

Once we got home, the kids played in the play room for awhile. Tayler was cracking us up because she had the tent flipped and was looking at us through the top of it, LOL

What a goofball!

And I had to document.

I love wearing my husband's t-shirts to bed. They are just so much comfier than mine and I'm not even sure why, haha!

It's just comforting to me to wear them :) LOVE it :)

And don't forget.

Tomorrow stars the May Photo challenge!!

Get on board with us!

Cheers to Project 366!

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