Thursday, May 3, 2012

Project 366: Day 76 [May 2nd]

First, let me start out by reminding you all about the blog giveaway that is currently taking place! You have until tomorrow morning to write a comment! :) Click on the link above and follow the directions! Can't wait to pick a winner!!

And now for the May Photo Challenge! Day #2's task was:


We took the kiddos outside today (more about that later) and I thought the sky and trees were just gorgeous next to one another :)

And now... for our day!

It was like 10:00AM and yes, my daughter was all ready ready for  a nap, haha! She is hilarious sometimes!

I'll take her snuggling with me though! She NEVER wants to anymore! If she's going to sleep.. it hassss to be in her crib. Go figure, haha! 

After a nap, she decided to get up and play with Kenton, so I got started making the grocery list and clipping coupons. I LOVE doing this on Wednesdays because I get a basic list going and then I just add to it as I see things that are out! Makes it so much easier on me! :)

A few hours later, both kids were cranky and since Tayler only took about a 20 minute nap on me.. I figured they were both extremely tired, so I laid them both down for a nap and got started on dinner! I was going to try and make meatloaf again tonight. I made it over a year ago... when I was pregnant.. and it turned out terrrrrible! I did nothing but cry (thanks hormones!) after that! So, I finally decided to be brave today.. and try it again! I was making it with sour cream and garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese, and smores brownies.

Some were curious about the recipe. I got it from HERE. It's pretty basic and simple! :)

And here's our meal:

I seriously love seeing the smile on my husband's face when he sees dinner on the table when he comes home from work! Nothing better! :)

And I did a close up of dessert:

Smores brownies.

These are SUPER simple! Make brownies just like the box tells you too.. or however you wanna make them, haha! After they come out of the oven and are nice and warm, stick some marshmallows and graham crackers on top. I put mine back in the oven for about 3-4 minutes! Just keep an eye on them because the marshmallows bake quickly! And VOILA :) Perfect little treat! They were yummy!

After that, we took the kiddos outside! It was TOO beautiful not to! We packed them up in the double stroller, took a little walk, then let them swing and play! :) Here's Tayler.. not playing.. eating grass, haha!

Isn't she beautiful? :) And ornery! We had sooo much fun outside! But it started getting extremely hot and they both started getting extremely cranky, haha! Don't worry kids-- I get cranky in the heat too!

So we headed home!

Kenton left and it was time for our nightly routine. I LOVE bath time with Tayler :) Like I always say... we play worship music, sing to Jesus, and relax. It's perfect.

Then she went to bed (she was a tired thing today) and Ethan and I stayed up to watch American Idol. I love being able to relax and be goofy with him!

And as for...

Is anyone else just getting bored with it? I hate even saying that because I love the show so much, but I am literally BORED when I watch it anymore. But... anyways. Who do I think is going home tonight? Probably Hollie. Although, I wish Philip Philips would. He just stands there and sings. It drives me crazy.

And that's our night!

But I thought I'd show y'all something AWESOME.

This is being released JUNE 1ST! Who's excited?? :) We love Scentsy!!

And cheers to Project 366!

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