Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Ultrasound [7 Weeks]

We FINALLY saw him/her! :) It was an amazing sight to see, I'll tell you that much! We are already so in love :) I cried through the entire thing, haha! I felt bad for the ultrasound technician because I was crying and my belly wasn't staying still so she had to  keep readjusting the doppler, haha! But we saw the baby nonetheless and we saw the heart flickering :) It was beautiful. The heart rate was 118. The technician said the heart rate is all over the place when the baby is just tiny, but it will get more rapid as time progresses. She said everything looked great and the heart rate was nice and strong :) It was so relieving to finally see it! 

My mom, dad, Ethan, Tayler, and myself went. Tayler wasn't really that excited about it, haha! My mom had to keep chasing her around ;) LOL! We keep telling her there's a baby in Mommy's belly, but I think she's still too young to understand that. 

Either way-- we are thrilled! :) We are so happy we finally got to see the baby and we know everything is a-okay right now! :) November 11th we find out the sex. Whoohoo!!

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