Friday, September 21, 2012

Morning Sickness-- Scratch That! All Day Sickness!

Well... she's hit with a vengeance folks. 

Yes, morning sickness. Wait-- who am I kidding, haha, they should call it 'All Day Sickness.' LOL Because I literally have it all day. There are some moments in the day where I feel amazing... then there are moments where I can hardly lift my head off the couch without vomiting. I had been feeling really good up to this point so I thought I might be avoiding the rough spot. I had a few tinges of nausea and one or two moments of vomiting, but nothing consistent... but ever since Wednesday, it's like someone flipped a switch, haha! :) Oh well, I suppose as I continue to be sick, it means the baby is still doing alright, right? ;) 

I am thankful though because of that. It does my heart good to know that everything is alright :) We have our first OB appointment Monday. I'll be 8 weeks, 1 day then. I'm anxious to get in there and get this process started! One of many appointments. YAY! 

Also, we find out what we're having in 50 days!! Seems unreal huh? 50 sounds HUGE, but on the grand spectrum of things, it doesn't seem so bad!! :) I can hardly stand it! It's going to be a huge weekend for us. My brother gets married November 10th and then we are finding out what we are having November 11th..... eek! :) 

Hope you are all having an amazing week! I can't wait for the weekend!

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