Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ultrasound... Ultrasound!

We are FINALLY getting an ultrasound done. I know, I know. I say ultrasound like I'm 20 weeks pregnant or something, haha. I'm impatient, okay? ;)  Well, honestly, I have been pushing them to do it. I had some weird things (I don't know if 'weird' is the right word to use, but it works for now!) occur last month, and then I got positive pregnancy tests from August 24th on, so I really just want to check on things, see how our baby is, etc. I'm just a nervous Mommy. I can't help it! I want to hear a heartbeat. See my little baby. I just want it to be finally FEEL real. Of course, that constant state of nausea helps, but isn't near as bad as it was with Tayler which frightens me (even though my mom tells me not to let it worry me because all pregnancies are different.) I usually just get really nauseous if I don't eat or if I smell something unpleasant. 

But my ultrasound is scheduled for 5:30PM Sunday, September 15th and I can hardly WAIT! :) Oh you all know me ;) I'll post pictures. I'll be 7 weeks on the dot then from their calculations. I'm just anxious to see how our baby is growing :) I didn't get an ultrasound with Tayler until 16 weeks, so I've never seen a baby this tiny before ;) I am so excited!

Please just keep saying prayers that everything goes great through this pregnancy. We covet them :)

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