Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 6

6 weeks pregnant TODAY! :) 6 weeks will last from [9/9/2012 to 9/15/2012]. 

I've been counting down to 12 weeks.... so anxious, excited, and loving every second of it! :)

This week-- nausea kicked in. It's not FULL BLAST like it was with Tayler. Mostly if I don't eat. With Tayler, it was constant, but I figure I'm only 6 weeks... it could get to the point, haha! :) We shall see. I find if I eat, I'm alright. If I haven't ate in a bit, my blood sugar drops, and I feel sick sick sick!

I feel like I've been doing a good job this time around with controlling my eating habits. When I was pregnant with Tayler, I thought it was a pass to eat whatever... hot fudge sundaes, big macs, etc. haha! Guess what's why I gained 40 pounds ;) LOL I was 136 when I got pregnant with Tayler. When I went in to have her, I was 176. As of right now, I am 133 pounds. Lets see how this journey goes! :) I am trying to stay active and what not. I think having a toddler might make it easier to keep a constant weight. We shall see!

I've been told by a couple people that since I feel like I can NEVER eat enough, they think I'm having a boy. My gut instinct still says girl. You can't really tell by my belly right now, obviously, but I suppose we can continue the guessing for awhile :) We'll find out in November or early December :) I wouldn't mind having a girl again... I've saved everything from Tayler! ;)

This week, I just feel bloated. And blah, haha! :) I LOVE it. I'm so thankful for this gift and I just keep telling myself, 'If you don't feel good, I'm guessing he/she is growing on schedule, haha!' :) 

So there you have my 6 week wrap up! :) On to week 7...

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