Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Week #4

Alright, lets get updated here!

I took a pregnancy test August 24th, 2012 and it was POSITIVE. It is believed we conceived our little bundle of joy August 12th, 2012 :) And we couldn't be more excited! It is crazy actually PLANNING to have a child. I feel like it makes the process a little more difficult. Does any one else agree? I mean, with our daughter Tayler, we weren't trying. It just kind of happened. And then, we decide we want another and actually work at it, and it takes us months! Haha! :) Weird how that works, but I know He does everything for a reason..... I am just grateful we will have this baby before Summer really gets here, haha! I hate the heat when I'm NOT pregnant. I can't imagine when I AM pregnant LOL! :) 

So week 4 for us was August 26th-September 1st. 

Can you tell I was in disbelief? haha! :)

4 weeks pregnant.
3 days of anxiousness. Waiting to see if my period will start.
2 very excited parents.
and 1 very excited big sister.

This week, nothing was really going on. The only sign I really had that I was absolutely pregnant was how bad my breasts hurt. That doesn't usually happen for me with my period and that was the first thing I noticed when I was pregnant with Tayler. I didn't have cramping or anything of that sort! Everything was pretty normal at this point. No nausea or anything! :) 

On to week 5... :)

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