Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Week #5

Week #5-- I'm currently there! 

It's September 2nd-September 8th :)

Can you tell I was still in denial? 7 pregnancy tests and a doctor's confirmation later... I believe it ;)

5 weeks pregnant. 
4 more pregnancy tests (after the 3 I took last week)
2 days until our first doctor's appointment (September 4th)
1 Mommy awaiting those words.... 'You're Pregnant!'

Little waves of nausea this week like when changing a dirty diaper or washing a dirty dish. No vomiting, but just 'blah' moments! I had morning sickness really bad with my daughter, so we'll see how this one goes! Breasts still hurt and guess what? I am seriously having round ligament pains already. I wish I was kidding. I messaged my friend on facebook Sunday and asked her if she felt the same way with her 2nd or 3rd and she said yes! So, I continued doing some reading about it and apparently with your 2nd, your body knows what's coming so it gets prepared for the weight it is about to carry. I knew it was RLP, but I had no idea it could start so early! I feel great otherwise! Taking my prenatal vitamins is a breeze this time around! 

We have our first OB appointment September 24th. I will be 8 weeks 1 day :) I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

And this is going to sound crazy, but this is what I feel already---

It's going to be a girl. And we already decided on her name because of THREE signs. Some of you might not believe in this stuff and that's fine, but I seriously do!

We have been debating on three names for a girl: Maycie, Hadley, and Sydney. Well, Friday, I taped a new 'Yo Gabba Gabba' episode for Tayler. As we were watching it, the first little girl said her name was Sydney. Not too big of a deal! It's a cute name for a girl. So, Friday night, we go to a football. The little girl in front of  us had a shirt on and on the back it said Sydney. By this point, I'm like-- Okay, what's going on here? Well, on our way home, I was surfing Pinterest on my phone and I clicked on photography and guess what? The first picture that popped up was a maternity picture where the Mom is holding blocks on her belly and guess what they say?? SYDNEY.


We took it as a sign. 3x in one day, Sydney was revealed to us. I just have this gut feeling it's another girl and she's a Sydney Grace.

We shall see in about..... 10-14 more weeks :)

Cheers to 5 weeks!

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