Wednesday, February 13, 2013


There's the 7 month (28 weeks) bump shot :) I'm 28 weeks pregnant from today (2.13.2013) through 2.19.2013. 

I keep saying this. I'm like a broken record.

But seriously.

How am I 7 months pregnant already?

I saw a lady the other day that I haven't seen since I first found out I was pregnant and she was like...'How far along are you now? 3 or 4 months?' and I told her I was almost 28 weeks pregnant and her jaw dropped. I was like, 'I know! It is sneaking up on me too!!' LOL! 

So what's going on this week?

Well.... first of all.... our house is in contract! Yes, someone wants to buy it! We signed all of the paperwork Saturday for it and now we just have to wait for inspections to come back a-okay :) As long as that happens, we are good to go! Kind of crazy that we are in the process of selling our home and we are due in about 63-84 days! Even crazier that they gave the projected closing date to be May 7th, 2013 and yep, you guessed it, I'm due May 8th, 2013, haha! Our realtor said he'd bring the paperwork to the hospital for us if he had to LOL!! :) Lets hope that maybe Quinn will come a few days before that and we won't have to worry haha! I had Tayler one week early, so if that happens, I'd have Quinn May 1st.. HOPEFULLY be out of the hospital May 3rd and in good shape to close on the house. It'd be just amazing, however, if the closing process went a little faster and we could close on the house BEFORE I'm full term :) A girl can dream right?? Either way, I'm just stoked the house is being sold. Such an answer to our prayers!

Also, our daughter is going to be turning 2 next month! So I have been working on getting things together for her birthday party. I sat down and worked on her birthday invitations the other day and I really liked how they turned out:

Of course, I edited out our personal information, but I love how they turned out :) I got the idea from Pinterest. Don't you just love that thing???

Alright.. and now for the 28 weeks questions!!

How far along? 7 months (28 weeks) 
Total Weight Gain? I think it was 15 pounds last time I checked? I'll know a little more in a little bit!
Maternity Clothes?  Yes! Still wearing some pre-preggo shirts, but definitely maternity pants, haha!
Stretch Marks? Yes, but I keep telling myself it is for a beautiful reason!
Sleep?  Better this week then it has been!
Best Moment of This Week:  Just feeling Quinn move. Beautiful!
Miss Anything? Comfortable sleep. Having a stiff drink after a stressful day LOL!!! Drinking a buttload of sweet tea. Having a skinny body lol!
Movement? Oh yes! She is super active. I love it!
Food Cravings? Fries/Honey Mustard from The Depot. I STILL haven't got that though! Maybe for Valentine's Day???
Anything Make You Queasy/Sick?  Poopy diapers. Trash. BLEH.
Gender: GIRL!! :) Our Quinn Makenzie!
Labor Signs? Been having a lot of contractions... we'll know more about those in a little bit!
Symptoms: Constant peeing. Back pain. And lovely braxton hicks :)
Belly Button In or Out? She's an innie.... for now, haha! Slowly starting to protrude haha!
Weddings Rings On Or Off? On for now! :)
Happy or Moody this week? Very happy! :)
Looking Forward To:  Our ultrasound March 2nd!

And we have a glucose test in t-minus 44 minutes. I've already drank the stuff... so lets get this moving! I'm just ready to put this behind us and look forward to the rest of the pregnancy :)

Cheers to 28 weeks... on to 29!

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