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I usually write some sort of inspirational devotional for all of my readers, but today, things are different.

I have a vent.

In all honesty, a TV show shouldn't have me this worked up. I'll admit it. But here's the problem: IT DOES.

Yes, at 8:59PM last night, my whole world was rocked. There were implications at the very end that Ezra was in fact A (or part of 'Team A' since there seem to be many!)

I screamed. I threw my phone. I kept saying, 'NOT EZRA! NO! NO! NO! I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!' (And don't sit there judging... you know you were doing it too, haha)

I was shocked. Even after the show ended, I sat there contemplating what I had just watched. Is he really 'A?' As I was getting ready for bed, I was asking all kinds of questions aloud. Brushing my teeth, I said, "Did he follow Aria when the season began because he knew he needed an 'in' with at least one of those girls?' Putting on my pajamas, I said, "Was he having a relationship with Ali before the series even began?' I had tons of questions and no answers.

So, I thought I would take a minute today to break things down for myself.

Here's what we do know:

As the season finale was coming to a close, we see the girls leave what is believed to be "A's lair" where she (or he) has been keeping track of the girl's every move with photos on a timeline, security cameras, and more. After the girls walk out, it cuts to a man walking in to the room. As we see his face, we see it is Ezra with some kind of blue uniform on with a hat. He throws a tantrum, tossing the closet door shut. He looks angry.


Here's what I am wondering...

Is he angry because he is part of the 'A Team' (hence #ezrA) or is he angry because 'A' is harassing the girls again and Aria didn't tell him about it?

We know that he and Aria kissed during this episode. And I thought something was being rekindled. Part of me believes Ezra is still one of the good guys and he is just ticked off because he sees someone has been following Aria. BUT, he could very well be angry because they have discovered HIS lair. Remember CeCe Drake has been listening to he and Aria's conversations... and watching them. Is she doing this because she is scared of him? Or is he the next victim?

At 3:00AM, I was laying in bed, dreaming about 'Pretty Little Liars.' I wish I was kidding, folks. I have been sucked in completely. My dream woke me up and had me thinking about whether or not Ezra could in fact be 'A' or even be on the 'A Team.' I honestly don't think he could be.

Here's why:

1. Aria went to Maggie's classroom to see Malcolm for herself before she even told Ezra that there was a possibility he was the father. Wouldn't Ezra have seen this if he were 'A?' And if he was just on the 'A-Team' and they truly were tracking the girl's every move, wouldn't one of the members have told Ezra prior to him just 'finding out?'

2. Aria kissed Ezra's brother while they were dating, right? If this is true, why didn't he ask about it? Nothing was revealed. It was as if it never happened. Now, I know that if I were 'snooping' on my boyfriend (or husband) and I saw him kiss my sister... whether I was supposed to know that information or not... I would be asking about it. I wouldn't act like nothing happened. If Ezra is 'A' or at least part of the team, why didn't he say anything about it?

3. If Ezra is 'A' or part of 'Team A', why would he suggest to Maggie to leave Malcolm there with him? Wouldn't he be too busy at his lair to take care of his alleged son? And wouldn't his son notice he is gone a great deal of the time?

All of this has been running through my mind all morning. And don't think for one second I'm not smacking myself in the face because I am this worked up over a TV show. I know. But 'Pretty Little Liars' just throws twists in and you wonder how they even freaking work. Ticks me off, haha!

Having said all of that, I do not believe Ezra is really part of the 'A-Team.' Too many things do not add up.

What are your thoughts?

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amber wills

I'm commenting on this because I was worked up too, but I don't think Ezra is a part of the A-team. At all. Remember that eye ball watching when the girls were there? Ezra wouldn't have been so calm walking into the lair if that was really him. Ya know? He's just mad that he literally asked each other girls if A was back and they ALL LIED TO HIM. And he's sensitive because of the thing with Malcolm.

Also... I feel ridiculous saying any of this because it's just a show, but I've also learned not to apologize for something I like, so it's fine.

AND the writers set it up to look like Ezra is A, but when is anything ever the way it looks in this show? Honestly. Irritating.

But who is A? There are so many strangers lingering in this show. It's going to have to be someone who has been around from the beginning. HAS TO.

I'm getting worked up again. Whew! I can't type anymore.


Agreed. I think if ezra were A, he wouldn't have shown any surprise when he walked into that room because A was watching them the entire time through that eye. He could still be a part of team A, but I don't think he is A. And I honestly don't think he's team A either. But a twist is a twist is a twist with this show. so who knows....until next season! It's how they keep us watching! Man it's frustrating, but remember Toby isn't "really" team A either and they left us hanging with that one too. But again, who knows, maybe they'll switch it up? Do we know how many seasons are left? That might get us closer to guessing the answer...