Wednesday, May 14, 2014

4 Months Pregnant (16 Weeks)

We are 4 months (16 weeks) pregnant today! :)

I am really having a hard time believing that! I seriously feel like I JUST announced I was pregnant and it's been almost 3 months since then. Just crazy! 

'What to Expect' says baby is the size of a turnip this week.. so if you see one while out grocery shopping, cradle it for a minute ;)

We have an ultrasound in 2 weeks and I am BEYOND excited to see how big little man is getting! I just wanna see that little nose and adorable profile :) I am so excited!

I am been feeling him a lot more lately and I actually felt him on the outside two times this week! It's such a blessing and gives me butterflies every single time it happens :) I don't think feeling a baby kick EVER gets old! :)

I swear this kid is going to come out speaking Spanish LOL All I want is mexican! We have had tacos this week..quesadillas... and I've been craving Chipotle so hubby is bringing that home for dinner tonight! I'm a lucky girl that he puts up with my cravings.. he never complains :) Good man right there!

We have about 21-24 weeks (147-168 days) until we get to meet little man! Seems SO long, but I know it will go just as fast as the past 4 months have!

Alright.. ready for our weekly questions?? :) 

How far along? 16 weeks.
Total Weight Gain? Zero so far! :)
Maternity Clothes? A few shorts, but nothing other than that. Gotta love the belly band!
Stretch Marks? I have some from both pregnancies already!
Sleep: It's been a little rough! Just not resting for some reason :(
Best Moment of This Week: Feeling baby boy move around a little more AND feeling him on the outside twice!! I am so excited for it to be constant! :)
Miss Anything?  Sleeping on my belly? And I could have used a stiff drink this week ;) HAHA!
Movement: Here and there! :)
Food Cravings: MEXICAN food!
Anything Make You Queasy or Sick? Just early mornings! If I don't eat, I'm a mess :) and if I sneeze for some reason? I always feel like I'm going to vomit after.
Gender: BOY!!
Labor Signs: I'd sure hope not! :)
Symptoms: Nausea in the AM, peeing constantly, feeling movement, tired a lot! 
Belly Button In or Out? She's an innie!
Wedding rings on or off? On and sometimes off at night! My hands seem to swell then for some reason?
Happy or Moody this Week?  Happy and moody LOL :) I'm an emotional roller coaster sometimes!
Looking Forward To: Our ultrasound at the end of May :) And getting more clothes for Nate. We got a lot the other day, but I am really looking forward to hitting up some yard sales soon :)

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