Thursday, May 15, 2014

Alphabet Weeks-- Day 3-- Letter 'A'

Today's task (5/15/2014) was to: make ANIMAL noises! Tayler and Quinn have 14 animals that they play with in their zoo that their Pappy and Gigi purchased for them. Today, we are going to practice saying their sounds! This should be a fun activity-- I think Tayler is going to find it hilarious! We will be learning the noises of: a tiger, a lion, a polar bear, an elephant, a camel, a gorilla, a flamingo, a chimpanzee, a whale, an alligator, a seal, a doggie, a duck, and a penguin. You can play some animal noises HERE.

We had so much fun! Quinn had more fun chewing on them LOL and Tayler had more fun naming them off to me, hahahaha, but oh my word, they thought me making noises was just HYSTERICAL!

Tayler looks really enthused (and she needs a hair cut-- that's soon, I'm terrible! lol) But we had a blast with our Animal noises today! We're having SO much fun with the letter 'A!'

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