Thursday, June 19, 2014

Alphabet Weeks-- G Week

It's 'G-Week' from June 23rd-June 27th and here are our activities:

Monday, June 23rd-- Make chocolate pudding, put it in a plastic bag, and make letter 'Gs' with it! This was an idea given to me by my 8th grade teacher on Facebook.. sounds fun and I think Tayler will love it.. hopefully Quinn will too!

Tuesday, June 24th-- Make a GREEN paper chain and hang it up in the play room!

Wednesday, June 25th-- We are going to eat GREEN BEANS too in honor of G WEEK! Tayler and Quinn love them, so I think everyone will enjoy this! We are going to have Shake and Bake chicken (another Tayler favorite) and mashed potatoes (a Quinn favorite) too!

Thursday, June 26th-- We are going to the parade in our home town this evening and our task will be to point out all of the 'G' words we can find there!

Friday, June 27th-- We're going GROCERY shopping. We'll point out the 'G' words there too as we pass by them. The girls love GROCERY shopping!


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