Friday, June 13, 2014

Letter 'F' Activities (June 16th-June 20th)

The Letter 'F' Activities (June 16th-20th)

Monday, June 16th- FRUIT LOOP BARS. We are going to make Fruit Loop Bars for a snack today. Recipe is HERE.

Tuesday, June 17th- Draw/Trace the letter 'F' and hang it on the fridge.

Wednesday, June 18th- Make FISHY faces. We will discuss how FISH starts with the letter F and we will have a blast learning how to make a FISHY face!

Thursday, June 19th- FRENCH TOAST. We are going to make FRENCH toast for breakfast and we are going to discuss how FRENCH TOAST starts with the letter 'F.' This should be a tasty treat for the girls and we should have a lot of fun making it together!

Friday, June 20th- We are going to go FISHING! 


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