Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our D-Week Recap!

Letter 'D' Activities
Monday 6/2/2014: We are going to trace/draw the letter 'D' and hang it on the fridge. Tayler really likes doing this every week... Quinn just kind of hangs back and watches, haha :) 

Tuesday 6/3/2014: We are going to DRAW pictures for DADDY. We can discuss that DADDY starts with the letter 'D.' We can't wait to make him really pretty pictures that he can look at when he gets home from work :)

Wednesday 6/4/2014: June is DAIRY month (according to First School Preschool Activities.) So, we are going to make chocolate shakes and have some string cheese and enjoy those for DAIRY month. I want to talk to Tayler and Quinn about what DAIRY is. They both love cheese sticks and milk of course, so I think it will be a fun day for them!

Thursday 6/5/2014: We are going to play with 'DRUMS' (a.k.a bowls, pots, pans, spoons.) The girls love making noise, so I am sure they will really enjoy this! We will talk about how DRUMS start with the letter 'D!' 

Friday 6/6/2014: We are going to DIG in the DIRT. The girls will absolutely have a blast with this!! I'm sure Mommy will have a blast cleaning their clothes TOO LOL. I also plan on playing music so we can DANCE today too! 


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