Monday, July 7, 2014

Letter I Week (Alphabet Weeks)

We will be learning about the letter I from Monday, July 7, 2014- Friday, July 11, 2014.

Monday, July 7: We will write the letter 'I' either on paper or on our chalkboard or outside. Whatever looks fun!

Tuesday, July 8- We are going to work on our 'I is for Igloo' crafts. Here is a link. The girls will love this craft-- especially eating the marshmallows LOL

Wednesday, July 9- We will make a trip to get ICE-cream! We will talk on the way there about how ICE cream starts with the letter I and we will talk about all of the yummy flavors there are out there!

Thursday, July 10- I am going to print an 'I' poem from HERE and we will circle all of the 'I's in the poem! Hopefully the girls will be interested in this fun activity!

Friday, July 11- We are going to have a letter I coloring day! I'm going to print off a page from HERE and we will color them sometime throughout the day :)


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