Monday, July 7, 2014

H-Week Recap

H- Week

We will do activities relating to the letter H from Monday, June 30th- Friday, July 4th.
Monday, June 30th- HAND-make a gift for someone special in our life!

We handmade this for Pappy & Gigi!

Tuesday, July 1st- HELP Mommy clean. I'm hoping to get them sweeping the floors, or something fun like that! 

Tayler wasn't too interested in this project LOL, but Quinnie ate it up!!
Wednesday, July 2nd- Trace/Draw the letter 'H' and either put it on the fridge or draw it on our chalkboard wall :)

Tayler had fun tracing Mommy's hand-made 'H' tracing sheets! She didn't do too bad with a little help from Momma!!
Thursday, July 3rd- H is for the HOKEY-POKEY! We are going to sing and dance to this song! I hope the girls enjoy it!

This was a complete bust LOL Quinn ran away when I was singing and Tayler just stared at me like an idiot LOL!!!! But oh well, I still snapped a few pics HAHAHA!

Friday, July 4th- HAPPY JULY 4TH! We are going to celebrate our freedom and independence!

Just a few pictures from our HAPPY 4TH OF JULY celebration :) We watched fireworks and had a blast! Love my little family-- even if my kids don't like to look at the camera LOL

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