Saturday, December 30, 2017

Proverbs 31 Woman: Day 22- She Isn't a Worrier

Proverbs 31:25- "...She looks to the future with confidence." (ERV)

Proverbs 31:25- "... 
She ·looks forward to the future with joy [L laughs at the future; C she is not anxious]" (EXB)

Proverbs 31:25- "... she always faces tomorrow with a smile." (The Message)

Proverbs 31:25- ."...she smiles when she thinks about the future." (VOICE)

I've been the anxious woman.

I've been the woman that feels sick when she thinks about the future.

I've been the woman that feels so overwhelmed with the 'what-ifs' that she couldn't even pull herself out of bed.

I've been the woman that let fear take over her mind instead of hope in Jesus Christ.

I've been her. Over and over again.

What made the Proverbs 31 woman so special? Why was she able to look to the future with joy... to smile when she thought about the future... to feel confident about the future?

Matthew 6:34 states, "So don’t worry about tomorrow. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Tomorrow will have its own worries." (ICB) 

One part of not worrying about the future, about tomorrow, is the fact that we only have TODAY. God isn't saying that we shouldn't be proactive about our lives. He wants us to cautiously monitor our bills, prepare for that homework assignment, plan events in our lives. What he is telling us, however, is that if we have a doctor's appointment scheduled for tomorrow that we are somewhat nervous about-- he wants us to focus on today-- and not let fear and anxiety take us over. What he is telling us is that our car might be broke down right now, but we shouldn't stress out over how it is going to get fixed. 

We only get today. 

That's it. And why tarnish today with worry for tomorrow? Why not sit back and smile because today is a peaceful day?

I needed to read this verse today. Wanna know why? I have a dentist appointment this morning. And I might be the only woman on the history of the planet that has had 3 children but is terrified of going to the dentist. I couldn't even go to sleep last night because I was thinking about it. How terrible considering that is NOT the life God Almighty has called for us! The Proverbs 31 woman understood this truth. She understood that since she knew who held tomorrow.. she could rest today.

Ralph Abernathy stated, "I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future." And that should be enough to let us rest.

A consistent prayer life is the only way to feel that peace. That confidence. That joy of the future. I woke up this morning still carrying the weight of that dentist appointment around with me-- and as soon as I hit my knees-- as soon as He started showing scriptures-- as soon as 'In Christ Alone' played-- I felt every weight falling off of me. I can't do things by myself. I can't rest by myself. I can't stop worrying about the future by myself. I have to give all of this worry over to Him. He is the only one that can calm the raging sea in my soul.

A quote on tumblr said, "Don't think about what can happen in a month. Don't think about what can happen in a year. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be." This is the key. To stop worrying about the future-- we have to have a prayer life, a close relationship with Jesus Christ, and we have to put WORKS to our FAITH.

James chapter 2 discusses this and breaks it down great for us!

"My brothers, if someone says he has faith, but does nothing, his faith is worth nothing. Can faith like that save him? A brother or sister in Christ might need clothes or might need food. And you say to him, “God be with you! I hope you stay warm and get plenty to eat.” You say this, but you do not give that person the things he needs. Unless you help him, your words are worth nothing. It is the same with faith. If faith does nothing, then that faith is dead, because it is alone.... A person’s body that does not have a spirit is dead. It is the same with faith. Faith that does nothing is dead!"

Faith is a wonderful tool, but it needs work behind it.

We can believe God to help with our financial situation, but He needs us to take action as well. Not worrying! He wants us to sell things. He wants us to pray. He wants us to mind our spending. He needs us to help Him! 

We can believe God to bless a decision we have to make in the upcoming weeks, but He needs us to take action as well. Not worrying! He wants us to pray every single day for His perfect will. He wants us to read the Word of God to ensure that our decision lines up with His Word. 

We can believe God to heal our bodies, but He needs us to take action as well. Not worrying! He wants us to plead the blood over whatever ails us. He wants us to care for our bodies, following the wisdom of the doctors. He wants us to exercise. He wants us to keep our temples healthy.

We can believe God for miracles.... miracles for us, miracles for our family, miracles for our friends, miracles for a complete stranger, but He NEEDS action behind that faith. We can pray for the poor.. for the homeless.. but He needs us to be His hands and feet. We can pray for a situation our friends are in, but He needs us to be His worker. Is there anything we can do here on earth??

I know who holds the future. I know what His Word says. And because of this--- I can rest. I can have joy. I can trust that if I have faith and if I am working hard, He will honor and bless that and fulfill His perfect will. 

The Proverbs 31 woman looks to the future with JOY. How many of us do this? How many of us think of tomorrow and smile? Or how many of us are like me??? Worry all night long about what is to come... Rob our souls of a peaceful atmosphere.. rob our bodies of a restful sleep. 

In John 10:10, John writes, "The thief approaches with malicious intent, looking to steal, slaughter, and destroy; I came to give life with joy and abundance." (Voice) He came to give life with JOY and ABUNDANCE. No where in that scripture does John write He came so that we would stay up all night worrying. No where in that scripture does John write, He came so they would be sick to their stomachs about what tomorrow holds. 

He came so we would have JOY. 

We have to stop letting the enemy steal that from us with thieves: fear, worry, anger, bitterness, anxiety.

And let God give us joy overflowing because we can TRUST Him. Rest in Him. Pray for His peace and accept it. Let Him give you the peace that passes all understanding.

God, I plead the blood over every single person reading this today. You did not call us to fill our lives with worry or fear.... and I know it has to make you feel so sad when you see us losing sleep because of fear... when you see us depressed because of the future. I pray that You would fill our lives with Your joy. That pure joy! I pray that You would fill our lives with Your peace. The peace that passes all understanding! Please, wrap Your arms around us Jesus. Help us to have a consistent prayer life that will increase our faith-- and help us to put feet on that faith so that YOU can work! We love You Jesus!