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Project 365: Day 306- October 2nd

My day started off with watching the Ohio State Buckyes play Illinois at my parent's house! :) Mom fixed some amazing nachos and brownies.... mmm!! We had so much fun watching it on the big screen. Ohio State really didn't step it up yesterday however and I was really disappointed in that. Pryor was all over the field, Posey wasn't catching anything... However, I'm a loyal fan and I had faith that they would be able to get it together.... and they FINALLY did. They beat Illinois 24 to 13. Congrats Buckeyes! We'll see you next Saturday, Indiana! 

Also, I picked up tons of books yesterday to help with a "project" I've been working on :)

I really need to get working on it considering I start classes again October 12th. 9 days! We can do it :)

Cheers to Project 365!



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Well, folks. The day has arrived. Tomorrow I turn the big '3-1'.... and I figured since that day is steadily approaching us, I would sit here and reflect on some things I've learned in 31 years. I wouldn't say I'm wise by any stretch of the imagination. I try to learn as much as possible, although I know there's plenty of years to get even more lessons in the areas I fail. 
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In the previous post, we discussed our Summer schedule. In that schedule, there was an hour in the morning for theme week activities and an hour in the afternoon. Here is what we plan on doing each week we are on summer break. We will be studying two letters a week, two numbers a week, reading a book, studying a Bible passage, and doing Occupational Therapy activities (for those of you that do not know, our oldest child has non-verbal Autism, so we were sent home some OT/school activities for her to complete over the summer so we do not regress as much over the Summer.) If there's an explanation or picture on Pinterest, the link is in the blog so make sure you check it out! I hope you'll join us!

Week 1: May 28th- June 1st 
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We are preparing for Summer in the Bay household... and this Summer, things are going to change. I wasn't in the best place of my life last Summer and that showed in the condition of our house, their learning, their schedules, etc. BUT- through the power of Jesus Christ, He has been working on my life and I vow to have a healthier, happier, focused Summer this year.

First and foremost, we are going to stick to a schedule. Last year was all willy-nilly. We got up whenever, I started drinking by 3PM, and then we did whatever in the evening. I rarely had them outside due to anxiety. We rarely went places... and of course, a schedule flew out the window because I *needed* days to battle my mental health BUT I refuse to be that woman this year, in the name of Jesus.

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