Monday, October 18, 2010

Project 365: Day 321- October 17th

We woke up this morning, grabbed some breakfast, and headed over to the old apartment to clean. Golly, it makes me nauseous just going over there now, haha! And oh, it makes me soooo thankful for our new home! I LOVE it so much :) After cleaning up the old apartment, we took a road trip to Heath! Ethan wanted to check out a truck up there and it was a gorgeous day out, so we thought-- why not? It was a beautiful trip, 60 degree weather. Mmm, perfect! And when we got there, they had candy and pop waiting for us haha! I had laffy taffy and a Sprite. YUMMY! :) Here's a shot of us heading home:

Once we got home, we were starving, so we stopped by Subway and got some Chipotle sauce (haha, we love it and wanted it for our hamburgers) and we came home and made some hamburgers for dinner! :) We had burgers with onions, cheese, and chipotle sauce. It was SOOOOO good!!

I also had barbeque chips. Gah, they were so good! It was a good, spicy meal :)

But sadly, while cooking the hamburgers, I burned my finger with grease! It was a sad, sad  day :(

After that, Ethan drove around on his street bike and I cleaned up the house before TJ and Laken came over for a movie night :) They were running behind, however, so Ethan and I got snuggled up in our flannel peejays and started watching "Failure to Launch" hehe! Here's Ethan snoozing on the recliner, already acting like a father, haha!

And once he "woke up," we got a tub of chocolate peanut butter chunk ice cream and shared it. Of course, we didn't eat all of it, but we enjoyed a good bit of it haha! :)

And FINALLY TJ and Laken came hehe! They brought the new Robin Hood with them, so we watched that. Unfortunately, I can't make it through a movie-- EVER anymore, haha, so I was out like a light on the floor, but it was still a fun night hehe! :)

Cheers to Project 365!