Friday, October 22, 2010

Project 365: Day 325- October 21st

Woke up this morning and worked on some homework (yes, I am the QUEEN of procrastination, haha!) and then I worked on a reference page for a project I've been working on :) It's taking me SO much work, but it will be well worth it in the end, hehe!

And while I was working on that, I watched "The Forgotten." What an intensely weird movie, haha! It was kind of confusing, but I eventually got it figured out. I will say this though-- this is the 2nd movie this week I've watched about the government or a group controlling people through their minds, bodies, etc. It definitely makes you step back and think that "Hey, I wonder if this could ever happen in our world today?" Kind of scary!

And after getting my homework done, I decided to work on my blog layout. It is my goal to actually make my own blog layout that I just LOVE. I'm still working on it, but I'm learning all about certain programs like Gimp and Winzip. Here's what I have thus far. It's on my "tester page" as I don't want to tamper with this page because I do like it right now, I just want something nicer-- more personal.

What do y'all think? I have to get the header adjusted and move over, but I think I do like it. If you want to see it on your computer, click here.

And while I was working on that, I was a brave little girl. I have been trying to knock off as much off my Project 101 in 1001 as I can and I saw that "Pet Semetary" was on TV yesterday at 4, so I watched that. How freaking creepy, haha! Especially alone! lol But hey-- I watched a scary movie I'd never seen (which knocks a movie off my "Halloween Movie List") and I watched this movie and it was definitely out of my norm (which knocks a movie off my "Watch Movies You've Never Seen" list)

And once the movie was over-- it was time for my hair cut! I was SO excited about this, honestly! I have been so ready for a change for so so long! :) So, Montana came over and gave me a cute little "mom" cut hehe! That's what I keep calling it, haha! I just love it! And I sent Ethan pictures (because this is our 2nd day apart :() and he said "You are absolutely gorgeous. I love it and I cannot wait to see you. My best friend is so hot" haha! I just love him :)

And today marks 4 MONTHS PREGNANT! Oh, yes! I am so serious! I am 4 months pregnant already. Seriously, where does time go? I cannot believe that I only have about 21-24 weeks left... and we only have about 2.5 months left in 2010. I feel like yesterday was New Years Eve 2009. Life truly is a vapor and we have got to learn to appreciate every single thing that we have! :)

Here's my upclose tummy shot at 4 months:

And my full length shot, hehe:

Cheers to Project 365!