Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 12: Things you Want Your Children to Know About you

1. I prayed for you before you were conceived. You are a miracle and a blessing to me!
2. I'm going to be proud of you REGARDLESS of what you choose to do with your life. Go after your dreams.
3. I struggled with things in my past-- so please know that I am not perfect and I want to talk to you about ANYTHING you need to talk about. I'm here to listen. I've made mistakes. I've taken wrong paths. I will never judge you or think less of you.
4. You will know how to play a Super Nintendo-- yes, the kind of game system your mommy used to play when she was little! haha!
5. Your mommy LOVES music. I'm sure even in the womb, you got a great taste of that habit! :)
6. I will support you in whatever hobby you choose!
7. I'll probably annoy you. I talk too much. I'm nosey. I'm curious. I worry. But I'm your mommy.. it's my job!
8. Our family will know about the power of prayer and about how Jesus is our peace! You know in the womb, I've talked to you about Him :) He's my best friend and He'll be yours too! :)
9. I'm an author! Maybe one day you'll want to read my book.... or maybe not, haha! The choice is definitely up to you!
10. I love board games. And yes, I'll probably be that mother that wants family-game-nights. I promise you, it won't make you uncool, haha!

Those are 10 of the things I want you to know about me :) The rest-- you'll learn with time, haha!