Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 13: Reasons Why I Love my Husband

1. He thinks I'm beautiful... every single day. Whether it's when I've just woken up or when I'm at my "finest."
2. He makes me laugh. Laughing is definitely one of the keys to my heart... and boy, he is great at getting a good giggle out of me :)
3. He takes care of Tayler and me. He works so hard for us to have the life we have. I am so grateful for that.
4. He watches my TV shows with me ;) hahahha! Yes, that includes "Pretty Little Liars" AND "American Idol" (and "Desperate Housewives" and "Ghost Whisperer"-- but don't tell him I told you, haha!)
5. He believes in me. He encouraged me when he found out that I was writing my book to submit it.
6. I feel so safe and calm around him. I can have the worst day ever, but knowing I get to come home to his arms... it's a blessing!
7. He likes cuddle nights! I'm a huge cuddling fan. HUGE. haha! And I love that he enjoys cuddling too! ;)
8. He feeds my cravings, haha! Living with a pregnant woman can't be easy on men. I'll be the first to say it LOL But whenever I get hungry for something or thirsty for something.... he goes out and gets it for me :) He's so sweet!
9. He holds my hand or puts his arm through mine when we're walking... anywhere :) With the winter.. it's usually super slippery outside and this is so comforting :) I love that he takes care of me!
10. He's very protective. He'll do anything for us.
11. He makes me breakfast!
12. He likes playing board games with me! :) Of course, he kicks my butt at "Monopoly" but I easily take him down in "CandyLand" hahaha!
13. He loves me. I think that's simple enough to explain.
14. He is already such an amazing daddy with Tayler. I can't get enough of his late night kisses on my tummy.... his laughing at her kicking... his over-excitement when we read her a book.

Those are just a few of the reasons I am so in LOVE with my husband. Of course, this list could continue forever... hehe :) But I think you get the point ;) I WUV MY HUBBY!



This post warms my heart, Miss Lyss!

You certainly lucked out with a good catch there! I have a feeling our hubbies would get along nicely. :)