Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 23: Things You're Procrastinating!

First of all, "procrastinate" should be my middle name, haha! I'm the queen :) So, let me list what I'm currently procrastinating:

1. My schoolwork. Yes, I need to have it all done by March 1st.. and I was doing really good the first week... now, I'm procrasting! I have to get it done before Tayler is here though. I HAVE to!

2. I have a group project due tonight that I haven't even started. *sigh*

3. Decorating our living room. I know the curtains and rug I want.. just haven't went and bought them or hung them up.

4. Do the dishes sitting in the sink count? Yes, I need to do that sometime today. But honestly, I'd rather clean a thousand toilets then do dishes. Is that sad? haha!

5. Packing my hospital bag. According to the website, I should be working on that this week. Unfortunately, I'm lacking the motivation. Every time I start it, I get anxious... then I freak out.. then I stop, hahaha!! :)