Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 33: Qualities Others Admire in You

I'm going to try and just write down what I remember other people have told me concerning myself.. we'll see how this goes :)

1. "You're always so positive." I do appreciate hearing these words. Given, I have my rough days just like everyone, but I try and not let those dictate my attitude OR my day. My theory-- we've been given ONE life and we get life in DAY AFTER DAY. What is the point in letting something terrorize my entire day? Chances are, if you sit back and reflect, what you're frustrated or upset about isn't worth one whole day. So, don't let it! :)

2. "You always put others in front of you.." I appreciate hearing those words, too. I LOVE people. I don't even know if love is a strong enough word for it. I want to change this world, through the help of God :) I want to be there for others! I want to encourage others! I want to give to others if they need it! My heart aches for those that are having a hard time.. for those that don't fit in... I just want to give all that I can to make their world a little better!

3. "You share your life and I love that." It's crazy to think that just having a Project 365/Facebook would make someone admire something in you, but I can't tell you how many people have actually thanked me for doing it. That is seriously such a blessing. I've had women tell me thank you for sharing my pregnancy journey because it has shown them the beauty of pregnancy and given them excitement to one day start a family. Doesn't that just make your heart melt? I LOVE sharing my life. I LOVE letting people take a look into our little world. And I am so thankful that it encourages people like it does!

I feel extremely blessed! This is all I could think of right now.... these aren't because of me, they're because I have such a loving Jesus that touches my heart and has made changes in me! (And still is!)