Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 37: The Times You Have Asserted Yourself

This is hard to say without calling out names or certain situations, haha! We'll see how well this goes....

1. A few weeks ago I stood up for myself and part of my family. I had had enough of a few things and it was time to handle the situation. I tried to do it with as much grace and poise as possible and I think it worked.

2. At Walmart Friday night. I asserted myself in the "Site-to-Store" pick up area. Unfortunately, I still didn't get my items (until Ethan picked them up Saturday), but it felt good to assert myself none the less :)

3. Whenever Ethan and I have an argument, I assert myself. He loves it, haha!

4. Being pregnant has encouraged me to be more assertive because it made me think about what I want in this pregnancy, delivery, etc. I know how I feel, how my body feels, etc. It has made me a bolder person.

Those are just a few examples. I felt kind of awkward doing this one, haha!