Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project 365: Day 441- February 14th

IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY! :) How exciting, huh? hehe!

I spent the first part of my Valentine's Day organizing things in Tayler's bedroom. I'm not getting it ALL done yet because my momma is gonna come over to help soon, but I wanted to move everything out of the kitchen and into her room and at least have it sitting there for the time being. Our house looks SO messy right now LOL This needed to be done, haha! Here's what I got done thus far:

Not much, but we're making a bit of a dent in it, hehe! :)

After that, it was time for our 32/33 week doctor's appointment! We have one more every 2-week appointment left, then it's every other week. Good news? We have the MINIMUM of 3 appointments left! HALLELUJAH, haha! :) I want our sweetheart to be healthy, but I am getting SO ready to just have her!! :) Our next appointment is scheduled for February 28th. Wahoo.

Once I got home, I cleaned up the house a bit, and waited for Ethan to get home. HE was cooking dinner for tonight. Amazing, huh? :) hehe! I was SO excited! While he cooked dinner, we turned on the movie "The Town," I know, so romantic, right? haha! And it turned out to be a pretty good movie. I'm a sucker for endings though and I wasn't exactly thrilled with it, haha, but it was still a good movie nonetheless! :)

And what did Ethan cook for dinner? Italian Chicken, Baked Macaroni and Cheese, and Spinach Salad with Ranch! :) How yummy does that sound?? Oh yes, I'm craving it right now!! haha!!

The rest of the night was spent cuddled up.... watching "Pretty Little Liars" hehe! I know, I know.. we're super romantic people LOL!!

Cheers to Project 365!