Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 40: The Most Important Turning Points in Your Life

1. Seeing that positive on our pregnancy test July 29th, 2010. That was the MOST amazing turning point IN MY LIFE. I knew from that moment on, my whole life was about to change. It was overwhelming. I remember feeling so scared, so nervous, but so happy and excited! This little lady has been SUCH a blessing, it is unreal!

2. The day I married Ethan. Dating him was wonderful, but marriage creates brings a whole new aspect to a relationship. It's the "commitment" part. It's HUGE. I mean, I was obviously very committed to him while we were dating, but calling him my sweet hubby is just WONDERFUL :)

3. Graduating from High School. It sent me from "childhood" to "adulthood" really quickly. After graduation, I was soon thrust into a world where I was starting new. I could go to any school, pick any major, decide what path I wanted to head down. What a turning point, right?

4. Graduating from college. It also opened new doors for me. Of course, those doors led me back to school to get my Master's Degree, but it has been an amazing journey thus far and has been such a wonderful turning point in my life! I am SO beyond thankful for it :)

5. Publishing my book. It brought my dreams to reality. It spoke to me. It told me that I could do ANYTHING if I put my mind to it! I am so thankful for that turning point. It truly changed my world!