Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 44: Things you Want to Teach Your Children

1. Family is the most important thing! I want our family to always have a tight bond. When I was growing up, we were ALL close. We had "family nights" and it was not un-cool to go to the mall or movies with my parents. I had an amazing support system and I want Tayler (and the rest of my future kiddos) to feel the same way! :)

2. Jesus IS your best friend. I want Tayler (and the rest of my kiddos) to know that the name of Jesus can change any situation!! Talking to Him is amazing and something we should do daily! Jesus is my best friend and has helped me through so many situations in my life. I want my kids to know about His power and know that they can talk to Him during anything! I want them to know that there is power in His name.

3. Education is important. I don't want to pressure them to get a certain grade point average, but I do want them to know that trying their best and reaching their full potential is critical. Education is one of the only things people cannot take away from you!

4. It's sooo important to give to other people and help them! I want my children to always know the value of being selfless. I want them to constantly think about others. I want them to love one another. I want them to know that there is power in the words that they speak. I want them to know that they can impact people's lives EVERY day and it's important to have a positive impact!

5. Gossip is dangerous. I pray that I can be a shining example to my children about this action. I want them to know that talking about other people and downgrading them is NEVER a good thing. I want them to know that tearing someone else down ONLY tears YOU down. I don't want them making fun of other children. I don't want them speaking negative about others.

6. Nature is AWESOME :) I want us to do activities outdoors and not always be inside! I want to take walks with them. I want them to LOVE riding their bicycles. I want them to LOVE fishing (or whatever else it is they choose to enjoy outside hehe!) I just want them to find the peace that I find in nature :)

7. Thankfulness :) I want them to be thankful for everything. I want them to know that hard work is what really pays off!  And when we receive blessings, I want them to thank the One that gave those blessings! A thankful heart is a happy heart :)

I'm sure there is more that I will want to teach my children, but I think these are the main ones. I want them to be happy children. I want them to have positive morals and actions. I just want them to have huge hearts and LOVE life as much as I do (if not more!) :)