Thursday, April 14, 2011

American Idol Recap

Last night was a pretty great night on American Idol. I have to say I was pretty impressed with EVERY contestant (which has rarely happened this season.) Yes, even Stefano impressed me and I really don't like his style of singing. (His voice impressed me, not his outfit, haha.... oh... neither did Paul's!)
But anyways...
Who is safe and who is going home??
Scotty- Of course he's safe! Have you heard that voice? My oh my. And I'm sure every 13-16 year old female in the United States calls about a billion times for him!
Casey- Now, I thought he tore it up last night (as did the judges) HOWEVER, it might hurt him that the producer made the statement that Casey did not take their advice and did his own thing.... but personally, I still think he's safe!
Lauren- Beautiful, beautiful song! She did amazing. She's safe.
James- Safe. Seriously, is there any doubt from anyone out there about this man?
Paul- I think there's something about him that America loves (but it's not his wardrobe!)
Bottom 3-
Haley- She's good, but she's been in the bottom 3 so frequently that I think she's undeniably going to be there again.
Stefano- It's just about time for him to go home, you know? I know, I'm terrible!
Jacob- I think we've seen all we can see from him.
Going home?
Stefano. Please?