Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Idol Recap

I thought I'd take some time to do an American Idol recap as well :) Here's who I think is staying, who is in the bottom 3, and who is going home. Ready? Set... Go!
Jacob Lusk- I know this is probably going to sound mean, but I think we've seen all we can see from him. We know his style, but it doesn't shock me anymore. He doesn't change things up very often and I just think his performances are getting boring. Definitely bottom 3. (He was last week too, so I think America just might agree with me on this one!)

Lauren Alaina- She's good. Never been in the bottom 3. America loves her (including Steven Tyler ;)) She's safe. By a long shot.

Scotty McCreery- Some could argue that what I said about Jacob is true for Scotty. He sticks to what he knows, but there's a difference-- Scotty SHOCKS me. I cannot believe he's 16 years old and sounds like Josh Turner. IMPRESSIVE. He's safe (especially if all the 13 year old girls are voting... haha!)

James Durbin-- Well, Randy Jackson seems to think he could win this whole competition, so I think it's fair to assume... he's safe.

Casey Abrams-- While I like Casey.. based on all other performances, I think he's in the bottom 3 tonight. No, I don't think he's headed home, but I think he's 'earned' a spot right there.

Haley Rinehart-- While my husband drools every time she walks onto the stage, haha, I think she's in the bottom 3 yet again tonight. She has been there the past few weeks and I think that's where she'll stay. But no, I don't think she's headed home.

So recap here. Bottom 3:

Jacob, Casey, and Haley

Going home?


We'll see if I'm accurate. Last week.. I was right on (and that's never happened before LOL)

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I expected Jacob to go home. Although I must disagree, I think Casey and Haley are extremely talented, and I'm slightly bitter Casey had to go home tonight (lol). I do hope to hear more from the two of them, even if she doesn't win.


I honestly can't believe Casey went home.. although I'm not his biggest fan, I feel like Jacob should have left before him!!