Friday, April 29, 2011

What Scentsy Offers for YOU!!

What does Scentsy have to offer you personally?!

Are you an avid college football fan? Well then Scentsy has a warmer JUST FOR YOU.

Click HERE to see if your FAVORITE team is represented. You can make a purchase right then and there too! Don't hesitate and wait... buy one now for next football season :) Are you an LSU fan? Boise State? Duke? Florida State? Cincinnati? Come on over. There are many other colleges represented, so stop on by!

Are you PATRIOTIC and want to represent our military in a really 'sweet' way? Check out the patriotic collection HERE. Scentsy has warmers representing the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Stop by now and place your order! 

Does using candles make you nervous especially with your little ones running around? Have you ever left the house and accidentally left a candle lit? I have! That's why I've chosen Scentsy. They offer full size warmers, mid-size warmers, plug-in warmers, scents for your car, Scenty buddies for your kiddos... and TONS of scents (even manly scents!)

Come on over and place your order with me! Help my business grow :)

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