Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Daddy's Birthday!

Today is Ethan's birthday. That's right folks-- let him know he's loved, hehe! He turned 21 years old today... such an old man... and I decided to plan a little something for him. It wasn't really anything big, but I was super excited! It's hilarious because when I first met him, he was a complete party guy. Now? He is SUCH a family man :) I planned.... with a little help from my family because, well, I've been house-bound for a week or so, haha.. a picnic for my sweetheart. We had these amazing turkey sandwiches on croissants, chips, veggies and dip, and my mom's AMAZING ho-ho cake. (It's Ethan's favorite!) This is the first day the weather has been over 75 degrees (it was 81)... and we were soaking every single bit of it up!
And of course, our day wouldn't be complete if I didn't take pictures! I'm back in to the groove of this thing, haha! :) I told y'all I'd get the hang of it eventually :)

Our set-up ^ Pretty awesome huh? hehe! It was so relaxing!! [From left to right, we had lunch with my brother, dad, the birthday boy, mom, and Marie.. of course Tayler was there, but she was being held at the moment, hehe!]

And there's the birthday boy! :) We love you, Ethan!

Tayler was basking in the beautiful weather! It was our first day out of this house (other than trips to the doctor!) We were SO excited! And doesn't she look just adorable?? :) I had the jacket on her because of the breeze, but this is what she was wearing under it!

I have the cutest daughter... EVER! I know, I know... Alyssa, there are tons of little girls out there, but seriously! haha! :) I'm biased. I can't help it :) Her Gigi bought her that and we HAD to wear it today :)

It was a gorgeous day and I'm so happy we got to spend time with family!

Prepare yourself for tons of update this week because my mom is coming to stay!! :)