Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Week With Gigi

My mom came to visit Monday morning and is planning on spending the week :) We were SO excited to see her! She's here helping me get into a routine, helping with some cooking and house cleaning, and just getting me prepared for life without help during the day. (I know, that probably doesn't make sense... here helping me get prepared for some one not being here? LOL) But I appreciate it so much!
Anyways... what have I learned since Gigi has been here?

I have a light above the stove! Who would have guessed? I've lived here for almost 7 months and didn't know that all I needed to purchase was a light bulb and I'd be able to see while cooking! Amazing what you find out when someone else is here, haha! :)

Gigi has been here cooking for us (which we love... she cooked my favorite-- sweet and sour chicken! yummy!) and she's been spending LOTS of time with Tayler! (The main reason she's visiting, I'm sure ;)) Here's a snap shot of her and Tayler having some singing/playing time:

But when Gigi is here... she wears us out! We are ready for bed at about 8PM.... see.....

She wasn't even out of her clothes yet! LOL Bless her heart, haha!