Friday, April 15, 2011

Our First Grocery Shopping Trip

We finally REALLY got out of the house today! :) Well, last night we visited "Papaw" (my dad) at a health expo he was working at (and he LOVED it... he walked around showing Tayler off, haha!) But today, we actually went to Gigi's work (my mom), Burger King, and Walmart to grocery shop! And Tayler loved it... (well, minus the whole throwing up in the car part...) She had a snotty nose this morning and I sucked some things out, but she gagged in the car (I think because I broke some of that icky-ness up) and then threw up because of it :( I felt terrible, poor thing. But she doesn't have a fever or anything! So, goodness knows!
She LOVES car rides and she LOVED grocery shopping. By LOVED I mean she slept most of the time (until it was feeding time.. and believe me, her lungs will let you know that it's time to eat, haha!) Fortunately, I'd warmed up a bottle prior to going in the store (thanks to the amazing invetion of a car bottle warmer!) And so she enjoyed a bottle while we browsed the aisles. Here's a shot of her first grocery shopping trip:

We finally got groceries so this momma can cook some dinners this week!

I'm nervous-- Monday will be the first day since Tayler was born where I'm doing this whole "Mom" thing all on my own! I've had Ethan here one week and my mom was here this week... so Monday will be an entire day of just Tayler and me! Today, I managed to clean the whole house during her first nap, so lets cross our fingers that our other days go just as smoothly, hehe! Either way, I know how much I love spending time with my sweet baby girl, so we should have a lot of fun in our upcoming weeks :)

And let me just say how wrong I was about American Idol last night! Okay, so I predicted 2/3 right in the bottom 3, but the person I didn't pick got eliminated. I really liked Paul too, dang it!




when things get all settled down and you get the full hang of this mommy thing we are going to have to scrapbook together...aubrey wants to too. so we will have to have a scrapbook party :)