Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stay At Home Moms

I've been struggling this week with self-worth.

I love being a mommy. I love being a stay-at-home-mommy. I literally cannot imagine my life being any other way. I LOVE being with Tayler all day long. I love making dinner for my husband and having it ready when he gets home from work. I love being able to clean the house. I love having free time to relax and rest. I feel like it keeps me sane in this crazy world. I love making grocery lists. I love clipping coupons. I love grocery shopping. I love being a mommy and wife. It's simple.

But what is so frustrating about today's world is that most families HAVE to be a 2-income. (That is if you want all the luxuries-- cable, internet, shopping extravaganzas, vehicles...) It's just the way the world works anymore. Sometimes I wish times were simpler... like back in the day where the man worked, the woman cared for the home... and they survived without being terribly stressed.

I worry myself sick sometimes wondering if we will get the bills paid each week. I feel like I don't contribute enough. Sure, I clean our house, cook our dinners, and care for our daughter every day, but unfortunately that doesn't make a car payment or the rent. It's wonderful and it's the life I've always wanted to live, but it won't pay our bills.

Maybe we need to cut back? Maybe we need to let go of some of our luxuries? Should we become a 1-car family? Should we get rid of the cable? Should we cut down our dinners to the basics-- mac and cheese, hamburger helper, etc. instead of stuffed peppers, lasagna, etc.?

I wish I could find a job online where I could be at home with Tayler, yet still pull in a good pay check every week. I find myself praying for that every single day.... that God would somehow open a door for us. I don't feel direction, but I pray that He shows me some.... We need it. We need a miracle.



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