Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Look Into Our Life!

Oh, I know.. don't look at me like that, haha! I have seriously been slacking on my blog! It has just been sooo busy around here lately! 
What's going on in our lives??

Ethan and I had a date night last night :) We went to see 'Fast Five' and I have to admit *sigh* It was actually a good movie... I even felt little bits of an adrenaline rush, dang it, haha! :) I even suggested to Ethan that we have a 'Fast & The Furious' weekend so I can actually understand EVERYTHING about the new movie. (Note: If you haven't seen all of them, you will be lost at first, haha!) Yes, Ethan and I were that couple that talked through the movie because he was filling me in on who certain people were. I've seen the 2nd one and Tokyo Drift so I knew a little bit, but I was still lost... especially when people like Ludacris and Tyrese were walking into the picture.... 
Tayler is officially one month old! (Actually, she doesn't have a '1 Month Birthday' as I previously said!) but I'll get to her being '1 Month' old in another post once I get her 1 month picture :)
Mother's Day is coming up and I do believe that Tayler and I won a photo session for Mother's Day thanks to Jessica Barber Photography on Facebook. She takes amazing pictures, so I'm STOKED for this!! We are working on a small project for our mothers for mothers day! I'll post pictures of that once it's done :) 
On a side note, it has been raining consistently and this momma is TIRED of it haha! I hate the heat, but I am so ready for nice weather! I'm so ready to be able to grill out, go sit on the porch swing, go for walks, walk to the pool (when I find an appropriate bathing suit for this post-preggo body hahaha!) I said it today and I'll repeat it-- get a move on April Showers and bring on the May Flowers! 
Scentsy is going good! I have been praying so hard that I can make a good income off of this! I really want to help out with a few of the bills around here and still stay home with Tayler :) (What a blessing, right??) If you're interested in purchasing something... check out:
And yes, I need to update my blog challenge. I'm 3 days behind, so here goes!
7.Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?
I am doing what I believe in! I am being a mommy and a wifey (this is what I've always wanted!) I am living a life that some only dream of. I have so many opportunities. God has blessed me with the ability to get my Bachelor's Degree, my Master's Degree, write a book, sell Scentsy, get married, have a beautiful baby.. what more could someone ask for? I live a life that seeks after God and that loves Him and wants more of Him!! 

8.If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?

 Eek! That would mean I only had 16 years left! :( I'm so thankful that the average life span isn't that short because Tayler would be so young when I passed away! I have SO much left to do in this life... which means, if I knew I only had 40 years to live.. I surely wouldn't live it worrying about making a lot of money, getting degrees, etc. I would have had a baby earlier. I would have gotten married earlier...  Not to rush things, but just so I had more time with them. I would have also encouraged my family to live with my parents or closer to them! I hate living so far away... I would have wanted to spend as much time with all of them as I could! 

9.To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken?
 Hmmm.. That's a tough one. Do you really have the option to 'control' the course your life has taken? I don't really think so. I mean, I had an idea of what I wanted to happen. I went to college hoping to graduate with a degree. I fell in love hoping to get married to that man. I had a baby praying to God that everything would go according to His plan with it and that He would have His hand on us. I followed my heart in every area of my life, but it was up to Him to bless those paths! I won't say I controlled anything, but I took some roads hoping and praying that they would lead to certain places....

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