Sunday, June 12, 2011

Project 52: 10 Weeks Old... Plus, Some Reflecting

On June 9th, 2011, Tayler turned 10 weeks old :) She's 12lbs and 24" long. My chunky money, haha!! She is looking cuter and cuter by the day. Oh stop it, I know I'm biased, but seriously, even if I wasn't biased, she'd STILL be the cutest baby in the world ;)

We recently took her to the doctor for her 2 month check up and he told me that he wants her to start eating 5-6oz every 4 hours. Right now, she is eating 3-4oz every 2 hours and boy is she packing on the pounds, haha! If you remember, last week I talked about how she's in the 75th percentile for both weight and height. What does that mean exactly? Well, Tayler is bigger than 3 out of 4 children her age, haha! So, her pediatrician is asking that we start working on that. I tried. And failed. She threw it all back up. I wasn't FORCING her to eat 5 ounces. She'd slept all night (10:30PM to 4:30AM) and was starving and usually I only let her eat 4 ounces regardless, but I let her keep eating and it ended terribly. I really don't know how she's going to fit 5 ounces in there. She can RARELY get 4 ounces down... 

Anyways, her pediatrician told us she looked healthy and smart! :) And of course-- HAPPY! Would you guess any thing else coming from that girl? She's ALWAYS smile-y haha! See:

She's also getting much better at holding her head up. We've been doing a lot of work with her on her boppy pillow and she loves it! I thought this picture was adorable. She's like 'Sup?' haha!

As crazy as it sounds, I've been starting to teach Tayler her alphabet, numbers, sign language, and please/thank you. I figured it's never too early to start, so we sing the ABCs every morning. We count while she's getting ready for the day (as I'm buttoning her sleeper, onesie, etc.). I'm trying to teach her 'I love you' in sign language. Right now, she just stares haha, but hopefully she's catching on ;) And I say things like: 'Tayler, please burp for momma.' I know it's not something I can demand from her, haha, but I still want her to hear those words.

I see kids all the time in stores throwing fits, screaming, not using their manners,etc... and I pray every night that we have a daughter that is kind, gentle, and mannerly. I pray that God blesses Ethan and I with wisdom to raise her the right way.

You know, when I was pregnant with Tayler, I only thought about protecting her physically in life. I rarely reflected on HOW we were going to raise her. What were we going to teach her? How would she learn right and wrong? What kind of discipline would we use? When would she be allowed to do certain things?.... It's scary knowing that you are the PRIME leader in your daughter's life. It frightens me sometimes that my actions could be repeated because lets face it.. I don't always make the best decisions. 

The past few years, I didn't really think about my actions. I said whatever, drank whenever, joked about whatever, listened to anything I wanted, watched whatever I wanted... but now I find myself thinking, 'Would I want Tayler to repeat that?" Yea, she's only 2 and 1/2 months old, but I still find myself wondering if she will pick up on those lyrics or that TV show. It's amazing how becoming a parent makes you change your whole life... and truth be told, you don't even mind it!

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Angie Maxwell

I did the same thing with Reagan when she was a baby!! And I hear all the time from her Sunday School teacher (Peggy Potts) how well behaved and well mannered she is!! So it may not seem like it's worth it and you'll definitely get some awkward stares from strangers, but it is worth it in the end!!! Keep up the good work Alyssa!!!!