Friday, June 17, 2011

Project 52: 11 Weeks Old :)

Tayler turned 11 weeks old on June 16th, 2011. :) 

Along with turning 11 weeks old..... we had her first set of dreaded shots :( :( Of course, any mommy out there knows what I'm talking about and how painful that is to watch! Ugh. It completely killed me. I hate seeing her cry. Her face turns beat red.. her cry is blood-curling. It was heartbreaking. They started off giving her a shot that you drink.... Well, if you know my daughter, you know she doesn't take anything orally well... if it isn't her formula, of course. Well, Tayler was gagging, the nurse kept giving it to her, and guess what? SHE THREW UP. EVERYWHERE. (Even on E who had to leave for work right after LOL it's funny now!) I felt so bad for my sweetheart. She was crying and so upset. Then, if that wasn't enough, she got 3 more shots in her legs and boy, that crying was terrible. She kept staring up at us... It looked like she was wondering 'Why aren't you helping me?' It was so sad :( Thank God no more shots for 2 more months! Here's my sweet baby leaving:

I snuggled her all night long :( She was super fussy and had a darn fever, bless her heart.

But in good news... lots happened this week!

First of all: Tayler is LOVING her boppy and starting to REALLY get some amazing head control. I love this picture of her :)

And she's loving her bouncer! I tried to put her in it before, but she didn't have enough control of her body for it to be safe or enjoyable. Now, she's getting the hang of it :)

Also, Tayler had her first trip to the river this week! :) We spent all summer last year at the river so it was only appropriate to introduce Tayler to it! :) Her and Jaylee enjoyed it together! They are starting to recognize each other and what not! I love it! :) I hope they are good friends growing up!

And Tayler wears sunglasses now. Gotta protect those eyes early!

Yea, she's adorable, haha! :)

So that's week 11 for us :) On another note (something I didn't get a picture of!) is SHE RECOGNIZES HER BOTTLE :) I held it in front of her last night and she said "OOOOO!" and started kicking her legs. She knows what that means, haha!!

I'm so in love with this little girl. I LOVE watching her sleep :) I LOVE hearing her 'talk.' I LOVE seeing her milestones! It is amazing!

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