Friday, July 8, 2011

Project 365: Day 21- July 7th

So first off-- we woke up this morning and our cable box service was cut out. Turns out you can't take your DVR box with you when you move... or they think you stole it. Go figure, right? Even though we paid for the installation not even a month ago... and we had six months free. Eek! So, we had to return our old DVR box (along with allllll of the shows I'd had recorded on there.. UGH!) and get a new one. She's definitely not as pretty as our old one, haha!

So, we have that set up now and our shows are recording on the new one. YAY :)

I also received my Scentsy order in the mail today... which included the new Scent of the Month-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY and let me tell you. It smells AMAZING :) It's only $4.50 this month. Check out here if you're interested in learning more: 

and here's the beautiful warmer it sits in. Cute, huh? :) It matches our room PERFECTLY.
and I made dessert tonight. Brownies with cool whip, chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup. It was scrumptious!

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