Saturday, July 9, 2011

Project 365: Day 22- July 8th

Shucks. I only took two pictures today, ugh. I'm still getting the hang of this whole Project 365 thing again, haha! But anyways-- E and I ran errands today :) We ran to our old town to pick up some mail, went to Sam's Club to pick up Tayler's formula, ran to Dollar General to pick up some Baby Oragel and CDs for our wedding reception, and then to Walmart for some good ol' birth control, haha! Ethan was complaining that it was $9.00. I said, "Would you rather pay 9 bucks now or 4,000 dollars in 9 months?" He settled for the 9 bucks LOL. And sorry, was that TMI? I thought it was pretty funny, haha! :)

Once we got home, Mom ordered some Pizza Hut pizza (veggie and meatlovers ;)) and we all settled in to chow down on that and some cheese curls. Tayler's a pretty big fan of those, haha! :)

And then after chowing down, I worked on getting all of the CDs together for our wedding reception :) We have about 5 hours of music... sounds good to me!

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