Sunday, July 10, 2011

Project 365: Day 23- July 9th

We woke up EARLY this morning and headed to Columbus to help my brother and Marie move :) They are recently engaged and have lived apart since they started dating 3 years ago, so they finally bought a place together... and it is soo pretty! :) 

I mainly hung out and watched Miss Tayler, haha, but Mom, Dad, Corey, Ethan, Marie, and Tony moved them all in! :) Their bathroom is my envy. It has a large step that takes you into the bath tub. Jealous, much? haha! :) 

And here's the sweetheart I watched during that time.. and snuggled... and rocked to sleep :)

I love that little girl sooo much :) She's so gorgeous, hehe!

After getting them all moved in, we headed on over to Raising Canes! It was my first time ever being there and oh my heavens, was it good! Ethan always told me how yummy the sauce is and I have to say he was right! I LOVED it all! And the sweet tea was remarkable as well! :) Here's most of the crew hanging out:

And here's the hubs and me:

And Tayler had a HUGE fascination with the Cane's Cups, haha! I don't know if it was the red, the black, or the white, but she LOVED it. Check out this face she was making at it:

She LOVED it. And so, Uncle Corey decided to imitate her, haha!

He's too funny! :P

And she was SLOBBERING like crazzzy! As I commented in a previous post, I do believe that the teething process has begun! Let the games begin, haha!

Cheers to Project 365!

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