Monday, July 11, 2011

Project 365: Day 24- July 10th

It was HOT HOT HOT yesterday, so guess what we did??


E and I decided to take our Tayter-Bug swimming... we all love the water so it was the perfect occasion!

Here's a shot of Daddy and Tayler swimming:

And Mommy and Tayler-Bug:

Doesn't that water look soooo refreshing? Oh my word! 

After swimming, I made ranch chicken for dinner and sent E on his way to work. I snuggled up with Tayler. She's starting the teething process and has been REALLY fussy the past few nights :( All she wants is to suck on her fingers, slobber, and fuss. I feel so bad for her. The doctor told us we could give her half a thing of Baby Tylenol and rub some Baby Oragel on her gums and that seemed to help her last night, poor baby. Here she is laying on our bed, trying to just relax..

She was so upset last night, I felt so bad for her. The only thing that seemed to really calm her down (aside from the medicine) was sitting outside on the porch swing. It seemed to distract her.

After that, we cuddled up in bed and watched our shows: 'Hoarders,' 'Bridezillas,' and 'Amsale Girls.' :)

Cheers to Project 365!

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