Thursday, July 14, 2011

Project 365: Day 25- July 11th

Monday morning I got up and got things done because Ethan and Tayler were getting pictures taken with an amazing photographer here in Zanesville! :) I was SUPER excited. In June, they won a Father's Day Contest for their adorable picture, hehe, soooo today was the day to get those pictures taken! :) We decided on an Ohio State Buckeyes theme since Tayler and E both had that in their wardrobe. Here is Tay getting ready to leave the house:

Doesn't she look adorable? hehe! If you want to see our pictures, be sure to add 'Jessica Barber Photography' on Facebook! :)

We got there and it looked gorgeous, then out of NO WHERE this crazy storm hit. I swear, the winds had to be at least 50 miles an hour. Leaves were blowing like crazy. We could hardly get our door open to our car. I was freaking out because we had Tayler out there, it was sooo scary! But once we got in the car, we realized Tayler wasn't at all concerned, haha!

So, we went over to pick up the prop for E's boat, then we headed back home but not before stopping to grab something to eat! :) This is one of my favorite places.... I got a salad and garlic bread. YUM :) But while waiting for our food, we, of course, played with Tayler. She thinks she's something anymore, haha! ;)

There she is with her daddy and then when she was with mommy, she was constantly shoving the place mat off the table, haha! She's hilarious! :)

Cheers to Project 365! 

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